Sunday, October 29, 2006

These are the words of Pensblog's Adam Caldwell, who we all wish the best, after he got hit by the always horrific kidney stone shortly after finishing the game recap.

Adam is listed as day to day, but as someone once said, aren't we all.

Moving on,

The 1993 Penguins can pop the champagne because the Buffalo Sabres finally lost. The record still stands at 18 games in a row. But I wonder, being that Buffalo didn't lose in regulation, if they get up to 18, will they try to play it off as there still unbeaten?

The 1993 Pens will be popping the crys-tall... but its more likely wine from Mario Lemieux's house

Wayne still can't believe Janet took the under in the Penguins game last night.

In other Phoenix news, they are close to a deal with Yanic Perreault, who has almost been a Penguin 900 times
Anyone think the Pens pissed the Devils off... well they took it out on the Blue Jackets.. winning a defensive struggle 1-0...

The Islanders beat the Panthers last night...former Pens jobber Andy Hilbert scores the winner in the shootout.

Speaking of shootouts...
Historic rivals Toronto and Montreal played a marathon shootout. Toronto, who outshot Montreal 55-22, won it in the 7th round of the shootout. My only goal in life would be to attend one these games.
Look at what Montreal coach Guy Carbonneau said about his team:
''We weren't playing Columbus, it was the Toronto Maple Leafs,'' said Carbonneau. ''They beat us to every loose puck."
Ouch. What a slam

Some other scores..

because I am too stunned to go on after watching Fedoruk get his head beat in.


Brian said...

Man that sucks, get better soon Adam.

dennis said...

As Brian said, hopefully you get better soon. That fight was crazy, Fedoruk chased him down the ice and then got smacked in the face...pretty friggin funny.

Adam said...

Thanks guys. All is well.

gayuh said...

""The only thing that got me through my stone ordeal was thinking about the Pens 8-2 win...""
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