Saturday, October 14, 2006

New Orleans has gotten a lot of sympathy from the nation after Katrina. Hopefully, Pittsburgh can get the same treatment after tonight because the Hurricanes urinated all over Mellon Arena on their way to a 5-1 victory.

I just hope no one gets worked up. Malkin is arriving shortly. Carolina is the defending Stanley Cup champs. We had a couple bad bounces tonight. It's early in the season. We're still in excellent shape.

The score looks bad, but in all actuality, it wasn't really that terrible. Three of Carolina's goals were on freak plays. Early 2-0 lead, and the fans were out of it. It just snowballed.

One of the freak plays occurred early in the game. A puck that Letang thought he was gonna snag ended up bouncing over his stick and right to Peyton Staal's stick...and he buried it.
About seven minutes later, a cool breeze floated through Mellon Arena as the ghost of Kevin Stevens paid a visit.

Exclusive Pensblog Photo
Respect the Fleury artwork.

Colby Armstrong, on a clean hit, leveled Trevor Letowski in the upper slot. The game was stopped for a few minutes as they tended to Letowski. Early reports said he had a gash along his forehead and was coherent at the hospital. Good news. Carolina players probably fear Mellon Arena like the plague now, though.

Back to the "game". Less than a minute after the Letowski hit, Penguin killer Scott Walker squeaked a shot from the boards between Fleury's pad and the post...freak play #2. In the second period, the Pens killed a two-minute, 5-on-3 powerplay...but before either Penguin could get into the play, Scott Walker scored again and it was 3-0. Halfway through the second, Marc-Andre Fleury took a Macho Man Randy Savage flying elbow smash to the head and left the game with only a cut over his eyebrow. Kris Letang later a scored a goal for the Pens...and all that did was eliminate another Saturday Night Shutout.

We put this picture on here because we had to.

The third period began with Carolina scoring a powerplay goal. And, finally, freak play #3 occurred when Mark Recchi forgot that he didn't play for Carolina anymore. Hurricanes defenseman Mike Commodore blasted a shot that was gonna miss the net by ten feet, but it hit Mark Recchi's leg and got past Thibault. And that was it.

  • Crosby: 5 shots
  • Scott Walker: 2 goals
  • PP: CAR (1 for 5) PENS (1 for 9)
  • Shots: CAR (34) PENS (26)
  • Giveaways: CAR (1) PENS (10)
  • Faceoffs Won: CAR (32) PENS (37)
  • Dominic Moore is everywhere. Killing penalties, working in the corners, making sweet passes, giving Thorburn his gloves and helmet in the penalty box after the fight. And I think I saw Moore at the Banksville Road Arby's last night.
  • Ryan Malone is slowly turning into Aleksey Morozov.
  • They better let Jordan Staal stay with the Pens this year.
  • Penguins explode with 26 shots tonight...but they decided to do it against last year's Conn Smythe winner, Cam Ward. Glad to see someone named Ward is still good.
Things We Learned Tonight
  • Eric Staal and Jordan Staal are brothers.
  • Paul Steigerwald is an atrocity. He thought a puck that deflected into the netting was gloved by Fleury. He mistook Crosby AND Karl Stewart for Jarrko Ruutu. He said Letang made a save. He didn't mention a word about a penalty that John LeClair took. He uses Lange's little sayings that only Mike Lange should use. Damn it, this should be its own post. Bob Errey just sits there and corrects him throughout the night. I wish Steigerwald would e-mail me and ask "You think YOU could do better?!" I would say "yeah". The corn in Mike Lange's stool could do a better job.
  • I think Bob Errey secretly hates Steigerwald.
  • Bob Errey was telling a great story of how kids in Canada grew up playing hockey. Errey incorrectly said that he would go inside after playing and un-thaw his toes while drinking hot cocoa, and Staggy interrupted him, correcting Errey's grammar by saying "you mean thaw, not un-thaw. Nice story, though, Bob." Bob Errey responds with "it was a nice story until you interrupted it." You could've cut the tension with a knife. Staggy might have been wanting to stop the story to continue calling the game, but it was 5-1 late in the third. Bob Errey is the man, simple as that.
Hurricanes Blog
Hopefully they talk trash on Armstrong. We like a good challenge.

Wednesday, 10.18
Malkin Sighting Probable


loralei said...

Totally agree. I think Bob Errey does secretly hate Steigie. I however do not secretly hate him. I'm shouting to to the world. I am forced to listen to his ramblings on my Center Ice Package in Boston. I cant stand the guy. He totally interupted Bob Errey's story about "un-thawing toes." It was a nice little antidote and Steigy starts correcting grammar like he's Miss Manners. Where's the petition to bring back Mike Lange? I need to get on that.

Adam said...

Crap. I forgot to put that thing about the un-thawing in the post. I'm gonna edit that in there. And Errey was furious when Steigie did that. Steigie said 'nice story there, Bob." But then Errey said, "Yea, it was nice until you interrupted it." Excellent comment, by the way. This is exactly what we want to create here.
Thank you.

d-lee said...

Sorry to disappoint you. Neither I nor the Acid Queen (who is normally good for running smack) are trashing Armstrong. It was simply wrong place wrong time. Armstrong might have been a smidgen late, but he had no intent to injure The Big Letowski, and he showed a lot of class with his concern over the injured player's health.

So you don't think that Letang's goal was a "freak play"? He mis-struck it, and it went in off Anton Babchuk's skate. I'll definitely grant you Walker's first goal and Commy's goal, but I can't see Staal's goal as "freak". It was a defensive breakdown leading to a golden chance.

If you want to see a Canes blogger running smack, try this guy.

Adam said...

Letang did that on purpose...he is THAT good. not.

The defensive breakdown play: We've noticed from game one that our boy Letang is nervous as hell out there. But, of all people for that puck to go to, it just had to go to Staal.

You have a great blog, by the way. It was one of the first ones I read when I was browsing/researching for my blog.

WufPirate said...

Just in case you didn't know:

We all pull for the Pens for the most part in Raleigh. Sure, Sid is Sid, and Malkin is Malkin. But we all wanted to see Staal Jr. because he is Calder trophy worthy. Oh yeah, and he's somebodys kid brother or something.

Staalsy (the old one) had somewhat of an offyear. But he as well our Canes did truly have: The Dreaded Stanley Cup Hangover.

(p.s. - well all pull for Pitt except when we have to play you. Then, it is ON!)

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