Friday, October 20, 2006

Late night.. nothing puts a hop in my step like a huge OT win.

My only major comment is that I think it's time we all forgive Gonch. I am not going to say I wasn't frustrated with him last year, but he is different to me now.

Regardless of the huge OT goal he got, the guy is a different player.
And don't think for a second that having Malkin here isn't a big help for Gonch.
You could most likely reason that having Malkin rights at the time was a big reason Gonch signed.
All I am saying is this... Gonchar took a beating from everyone last year. He didn't lash out against Pittsburgh. He just went out and played. I get mad when someone looks at me the wrong way. Could you imagined the feeling getting booed by 17,000 people?
I am just ready to forgive the guy... are you?

Moving on...

Anyone that watched ESPN tonight... Barry Melrose said the Pens are going to the Playoffs... which is funny and completely dumb. It's way too early...but so far so good...

Look at these quotes...

Islanders goaltender Mike Dunham was steamed when asked what it was like to face Malkin and Crosby in that situation. "It's real tough when the referee gives them kid-glove treatment and doesn't let them get touched," said Dunham, who stopped 32 shots. "It's ridiculous. Crosby slashed Yashin in overtime, but they didn't give him a penalty . . . They got a break in overtime, and that was the game."

And then this...
"There's no question in my mind he should have been called before Yashin had a chance to hook him," Nolan said of Crosby. "If Yashin maybe would have acted like Crosby and dove, maybe he would have gotten the call."

"Hey its me Ted Nolan could you wipe my tears?"

First off I thought the Penguins got called for some horrible pentalies. The Isles must be mad because their social security checks didn't come today.

Now let me ask you this? Would these quotes have been in your game story if you were the Penguins beat writer? This game recap only proves Dave Molinari could care less about anything.

Oh and look who is hopping on the Bandwagon...good ol Bob Simzik.

"MFOM (Media Friends of Mario) have conducted a campaign against Plan B, stressing it was in opposition to Isle of Capri. It is not. It is an alternative. And it must remain a viable one at least until Isle of Capri is awarded the license and comes up with $295 million."

I don't understand this sentence? Bob stop writing.... no I am serious. Stop.

And how about this

So... being that I avoid political crap like the plague, here are my feelings.

1. Its looks like the gaming board bit the hand that fed them. Kind of seems like they were just supposed to a pawn in the game, and just label Harrah's the best plan. But honestly I have no idea.

2.Rep. Jake Wheatley, D-Hill District. He said many residents of the Hill are opposed to a casino in their back yard.

But crack houses are cool? And is station square really that far from the Hill District? I swear some people think Pittsburgh is way bigger than it really is.

Mr. Wheatley your feelings?

"The task force was appointed by a mayor who chose not to run for re-election and it has no real authority to speak on behalf of the entire city about what's best for the city," he said.

Wasnt Mayor Murphy's term up? It would seem like the gaming board put some time into the research. But hey thats me.
Say No to Casinos.. say Yes to fearing for your life when you visit the Hill District..

3. This all needs to go away.


Someone break up the Avs...2 straight wins north of the border

Devils and Flyers Lose... is anyone else getting excited at the thought of Bobby Clarke melting down? I can't wait. And guess who got hurt... Peter Forsberg.. he is out tomorrow. Apparent wrist injury. Derrian Hatcher is a -10......I love the salary cap.

That's it for me kids...the whole Gaming Board thing pissed me off... but hey least we got a W tonight.

Good night and Good fight


rebecca said...

why is it that we cant get 2 straight days of good news about the arena crap.

thx 4 running this blog guys.
it is excellent!

And Lange Will Lead Us said...

Great blog guys. Nolan's an idiot. I don't think people get the correlation Crosby's speed has to the number of penalties he draws. When you're moving as fast as he was moving through the Islanders' D last night, it doesn't take a whole lot of physical contact to knock you down. This isn't the same thing as diving and it deserves to be called. You can't just whack at the guys who are blowing by you simply because you're too slow. I think the same could be said of Erik Cole, who so often gets accused of diving when he drives the net and constantly outskates his opposing d-man. If it's an embellishment fine, but what Nolan sees as diving is the league preventing a slippery slope that leads to clutching and grabbing. A statement like his proves the obvious: Nolan's been out of the game for years and years. Welcome back, idiot.

Also not diving: getting punched in the face.

Adam said...

We totally agree. There's a difference between getting hooked at center ice, and diving...and knifing between two defensemen at full speed.

Definitely, the last thing we need is a slow regression to the pre-lockout NHL. Crosby took cheap shots all night last night, not saying a word, save for the slamming of the bench gate.

After all that happened during the game, that penalty in OT had to be called.

Thanks for reading. How do we get hooked up with that NHL Connect?

matt said...

why does it seem like u guys dont even like the pens?

you criticize ppl when they predict the pens to do good this year.

you said sid is over-rated in the nyi game re-cap? what the hell?

you talked smack on barasso in that one post, and it just seem like you want the pens to fail.

Adam said...

Dude, what are you talking about?

What have you seen that would indicate that we don't back the Pens? I feel dirty even replying to this.

We criticize people because we have nothing better to do. Six games into the season and Melrose wants to put the Pens in the playoffs...come on. We know what kind of team we have here, but we also know what the other 29 NHL teams are up to.

As far as the Crosby thing, that was sarcasm in its most primitive form.

Talkin' smack on Barrasso? We explained the mystery surrounding him and called him a hall of fame goaltender. The only thing we criticized was his goalie mask paint jobs...because somebody had to.

We love the Pens and want to see them go 79-3 this year...but it's not gonna happen. You gotta realize where the Pens are at right now in relation with the entire league.

Thanks for reading.

Derek said...

I wonder how he took the Malkin Shawshank thing?

Go Pens

And Lange Will Lead Us said...

NHL Connect seems kind of lame so far, but I figured what the hell. It could be cool if the NHL really promoted it in any fashion or made signing up easier.

Alas, not the case.

Go to and you should see a small little area where you can sign up, which translates to you giving them your email address so they can then email you the "invitation."

Again, kind of annoying. But sign on up and promote your good blog here.

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