Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday Night Recap

...Six games in the NHL tonight. When this post went to press, Edmonton-Vancouver and Detroit-Los Angeles were tied at zero...

...Chicago beats Colorado 5-3 tonight...

...Carolina owned Tampa Bay tonight 5-1, in a rematch of the last two Stanley Cup winners. Justin Williams with a hat trick tonight. This game was on Versus, but I didn't even realize it until I ventured into the high 50's on my TV for the first time of the night, around 10:00.

In the good ol' Atlantic:

...Rangers helped out everyone by beating the Devils, 4-2...

...Islanders squeaked out a point in a 2-1 shootout loss to Nashville...

Random Stuff:

...Tribune-Review article on Kris Letang. If you had to pick one to stay up this year, who would it be...Staal or Letang? Staal is helping the PK a lot (even has a shorthanded goal). Letang (two goals) looks like he can be solid after a year of NHL experience. You can make a case for both...who's it gonna be?

...The Colorado Springs Gazette reports that the Colorado game tonight saw the longest-sellout streak come to end. Since moving from Quebec, the Avalanche had sold out 487 consecutive games. It was the longest active streak in the four major professional sports. The Pittsburgh Pirates are now the leaders in consecutive sellouts, with 1.

...Tomorrow night on Versus: Philly at Buffalo, 7 PM. A chance to hate the Flyers and to check out the eventual 82-0 Sabres...

Malkin Mania has officially begun:

Mark David Chapman is in prison, so we're safe.


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