Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I was sitting at work today, smiling ear to ear.
Then boom.
I think to myself:

"Wow, I really hate Wayne Gretzky."

It's a shame. I may have liked Wayne Gretzky, but its my birth rite to despise the man.

As I am enjoying a delicious salami sandwich and reading Dave Molinari's half-hearted attempt to write a story, I nearly choke:

I was reading in the Pens notebook...and they made mention on how the Devils lost to the Senators 8-1 the other day...and how they hadn't lost that big since the Edmonton Oilers beat them 13-4 in 1983.
I guess after that 13-4 game, Big Wayne (playing for the Oilers) said this:

"They're [New Jersey] putting a Mickey Mouse operation on the ice. It's ruining hockey."

I guess this is still big in some hockey circles. They call it the "Mickey Mouse Game".

Word in the Magic Kingdom is that Mickey Mouse is still pissed.

Mickey had this to say to the Pensblog when reached for comment:

"I salute you Gretzky, for being a dick. Tell your wife I said hi."

Who wants to bet Wayne Gretzky lovers won't like this post?
I think Janet Gretzky would want some of that action.


Anonymous said...

hahaha your guys blog is make me laugh everyday..

Mike said...

LOL where did you get the picture of Mickey Mouse

Derek said...

Thanks guys for the comments..I just found the pic on Google..
more background to this story, if you wikipedia Mickey mouse they make mention of the Wayne thing. I guess they still talk about it in Canada

jake L. said...

Wow, hahaha. i just came from facebook.

whhy hasnt someone started a blog like this before.

other ppl had penguin blogs, but they were just like readin the post gazette and they gave their own opinions that i rarely agreed with.

u guys make it worthwhile and funny. plus, you know you aren't superstar analysts, i'm agreeing with a lot of things i'm reading.

unbelievable site.

Anonymous said...

No strong feelings for Gretzky either way, but I applaud anyone who bashes the Devils.

Anonymous said...
These guys do a lot of Pens/misc. Pgh sports stuff, you guys should check it out.
Gretzky is a douchebag, even if he WAS bashing the Devils.

bwzimmerman said...

heh. My company is moving me to Phoenix next month. Today i bought tix to the Pens/Coyotes game out there.

I hope Mario makes the trip ;)

Brendan said...

I F*ing hate that bastard. His restaurant charged me $50.00 for 2 orders of fish n' chips. FIFTY F*IN' DOLLARS!!! Fish n' chips should never be more than 8 bucks and the dude charges me 25 an order. He knows that when people order fish n'chips that they never read the menu, because fish n'chips NEVER cost more than 8 dollars!!!

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