Wednesday, October 18, 2006

First off, the Devils are a solid team. There's a reason they're picked by more than a few experts to win the Atlantic this year. I'd hate to be a fan of New Jersey, because they're playing style is so boring. But they win games, and that's all that matters.
Solid game all around for the Pens tonight. 38 shots on goal...but they ran into one of the best goaltenders to ever play in the NHL.

The first period had Kris Letang setting up Malkin to get drilled, but Malkin took the pass AND maneuvered out of the way of any hit that may have been coming. We also saw a nice Fleury save and Brodeur being Brodeur. Not to mention the officials confirming their powerball numbers with Devils coach Claude Julien.

The second period brought some excitement as the teams exchanged goals. There was a skirmish in front of the Penguin net, Fleury making a couple nice saves before Pandolfo put in a jobber trash goal. The terrible thing was that there were three Penguins near the puck and they couldn't clear it out. With a minute or so left in the second, Crosby and Malkin began creating some magic. A couple of nice tape-to-tape, one-time passes that were generating opportunities. The puck left the Devils zone, and Malkin brought it back in, slowed the play down, and dished it to Recchi who shot it on net. Brodeur thought he had it frozen, but Malkin poked his stick in there and jabbed it into the goal. The second period ended at a 1-1 tie.

Malkin on the cusp of scoring a weak goal

And then the third period came. It was all Penguins for the first nine minutes of the third. We finally got a frickin' powerplay and it looked excellent. We couldn't capitalize on it...and everyone knew what was coming next. The Devils went down and scored. A recurring theme in tonight's game, we had three Pens around Langenbrunner and no one took his stick out of the play. He just parked in front of Fleury like it was a handicapped spot and buried a one-timer. And that was it.

  • Evgeni Malkin: 1 G
  • Sidney Crosby: 3 shots on goal
  • Martin Brodeur: 37 saves
  • SHOTS: NJD (34) PENS (38)
  • PP: NJD (0 for 5) PENS (0 for 1)
  • Dominic Moore continuing dominance in nearly all facets of the game.
  • Nice play by Mark Eaton to clear that puck sneaking into the net.
  • Malkin fired a shot that broke the glass behind Brodeur.
  • One powerplay chance in the post-lockout NHL...
  • Congrats to Brodeur for 450 career wins.
  • Pensblog's Chris lucked out and got a ticket for tonight's game. So far this year, the Pensblog is 0-2 at attended games.
Things We Learned Tonight

  • What is a kerfuffle?
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Anonymous said...

i hate the devils....everything about them i hate....if i know a player's name on their team...i hate'em...i hate lou fagorillo...i hate em all.. without a doubt, the MOST BORING TEAM ON EARTH TO WATCH......sfslkdfjsshit

Ryan said...

Malone looks slow and isn't producing...the kid needs a wake up call. If he wasn't the local boy would we still put up with it?

Im cool with Sid and Malkin on the same line because the wingers have been as bad as can be.

Adam said...

HAHA. We actually wanted to do a post earlier this week about Malone being terrible. He falls on every shift at least once.
We were looking at his stats, though, and he has two 20-goal seasons. He's had a lot of hoopla around him, being the hometown boy, like you said. But he better get 30 goals this year. He's not off to a good start.
Trade him and your 2007 first round draft pick for an accomplished defenseman. We don't need any more high picks around these parts. We need to win.

Annie said...

I totaly agree about the thing with ryan malone.

I think the pens are givin him to much leeway. he has to start showing why we want to kepp him here.
That thing about the trading him.........that would make sense.

funny site!!! ive been waiting for a blog like this. i showed that shawshank post to people who arent even hocky fans and they loved it!

Derek said...

Malone, Leclair, reechi... they all need to wake up

Anonymous said...

Your comments about Dan Potash's interview with the fan in the stands at the Devils games were incorrect. True, the sign in front of the guy said "Crosby's Corner"...but he ALSO created the Russian sign that said "Welcome to Pittsburgh, Evgeni". I was sitting right next to him....

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