Wednesday, October 18, 2006

First things first.
Depsite the loss, Malkin was everything I thought and more. And, something I thought I would never say in my life, but FSN's Rob King made a half-decent point: opening your career against the Devils is a tough start. But Malkin may have been the best player on the ice tonight for the Pens, which may not be a compliment.

Around the NHL tonight:

The Caps blew up in the first period... Alexander Semin is a stud. Florida is a team that plays one night, takes off the next.

Colorado got off the schneide in Toronto....Tough loss for les bleu

With the Rangers and Flyers right now, at least the Pens aren't the worst in the division... Nashville wins in the world's most famous arena

On to more news about Malkin (He's bigger than T.O. for me right now)

Metallurg Magnitogorsk is suing the Pens

No truth to the rumor that Edgar Snyder is representing Metallurg...

There is no fee unless we get Malkin for you

The lawsuit really isn't a lot to sweat over. I was getting the pulse of the Penguins Message Board Nation...some people are worried, others could care less.

All I am going to say is that I highly doubt any court is going to hear this case because........

A. No one wants to set a precedent like this; way too much backlash.

B. No one wants to set off an international incident.

But I've been wrong before, and I am just some jobber.

And Lastly

No one should go jumping off the Liberty Bridge just yet, but it was a very tough loss tonight. Maybe frustrating is the right word.
And I am not prepared to call any mid-October hockey game crucial, but tomorrow night on the Isle is an important game. Coming off a tough loss, how will they react. I just hope they don't tell John Leclair what time the plane takes off.

Good night... and thanks to everyone for stopping by... we are getting way more vistors than we could've ever imagined. Feel free to leave comments or e-mails...

See you on the Isle.


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