Saturday, October 21, 2006

The sweet thrill of victory. Not just a nail-biter victory, either. A nice solid victory. As solid as Mark Eaton's physique, according to Paul Steigerwald and Bob Errey.
Gave up another 2-0 lead, but it really didn't feel like it was gonna be another Saturday night Pens loss at any point in the game.

The Blue Jackets were in the Canonsburg 4th of July Parade to the penalty box early in the first, leading to powerplay goals by Sergei Gonchar/Michel Ouellet....and Sergei Gonchar. Give Gonchar the goal so Malkin can get the assist. Later, Colby Armstrong pulled a Hans Jonsson, turning the puck over in a dreadful play. Gilbert Brule, cool name, capitalized and scored a powerplay goal to end the first period 2-1.

All aboard the Jordan Staal shorthanded goal train

Eight minutes into the second, Fredrik Modin scored for Columbus to tie it up at 2. Then, Jordan Staal began taking over the game. A nice little shorthanded goal for Jordan on a Mark Recchi rebound sent the Pens faithful into the second intermission feelin good, up 3-2.

The third period was Penguins it used to be. Penguins were all over the ice, pounding the Blue Jackets into submission. Evgeni Malkin scored an Evgeni Malkin goal on the powerplay to make it 4-2. What a play by Crosby on that goal. Less than a minute later, Jordan Staal has a semi-breakaway and gets tugged on. The suspense as we wait for the referee to point towards center ice....and then, yes, penalty shot. A weird set of circumstances around that goal but I have no idea why the referee waved it off to begin with. Bob Errey was irate. Columbus pulled their goalie with five minutes left to turn the play into an 8-on-2 and they scored...and that was it.

  • Crosby: 1 A
  • Malkin: 1 G
  • Staal: 2 short-handed goals
  • Gonchar: 1 G, 1 A
  • Shots: CBJ (39) PENS (34)
  • Powerplay: CBJ (2 for 11) PENS (3 for 9)
  • Uhh...Jordan Staal and Letang are staying this year.
  • Ryan Malone may have broken his left hand in that fight (If you can read lips, you already know that)
  • Armstrong is coming along.
  • We're gonna have to stop praising Crosby, Malkin, Eaton and Moore sometime.
Things We Learned Tonight
  • Michel Ouellet owns a real estate company in Canada...and his music of choice is the Counting Crows. They're all right, but at least he didn't say 311.
  • Paul Steigerwald may have had an extra-marital affair with Dr. Demento, the singer of the song "Monster Mash". That Nash crap was gettin outta hand.
  • It's rubbing off on Bob Errey; he called Andre Roy 'Patrick Roy' and called Jordan Staal 'Eric'. We hope you caught that, Pensblog-ites.
  • Paul and Bob drilled it into our heads that it was a special-teams game tonight. Say it one more time; we didn't hear you the other 32 times.
  • We were given a history lesson about Magnitogorsk. 30,000 workers died building that steel factory. 30,000???? Holy crap.
  • All that stuff about Malkin and they didn't even mention how he escaped Magnitogorsk.
No Blue Jacket blog readily available.

Next Game: Tuesday 10.24.06
vs. New Jersey Devils - 7:00PM


Brian said...

Another good performance by Fleury too.

Adam said...

Almost lost to us here. We're preparing a mini-post on Fleury before Tuesday.

Thanks for reading. Big win tonight.

Derek said...

Flowers is doing everything he needs to do... I like how there playing him too.

7 games in and the pens have been in every game.

Malkin and Sid killing the clock tonight before sid took the pentaly... vintage Mario and Jags

ghost of randy cunneyworth said...

went to the game tonite.

electric in the arena.

did they mention the wave on fsn?

Adam said...

yea, you could see the crowd doing it. awesome.

gayuh said...

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