Thursday, October 5, 2006

I haven't felt this good in Years.

The Pens tonight...was so much more important than just one win, it was the start of something...

And the Press Conference with Jim "Ballstein" (I won't call him by his right name until he keeps the team here for good) was surreal. I have seen a lot of things during sports games, but a press conference during intermission doesn't happen that often.
Another funny thing...the Pens Message Board Nation seems to think Ball-sack should shack up with another local owner. Hint: It's not Dan Rooney.

Big night around the NHL tonight...

Let me tell you something. Thanks to Comcast, for a change, I got to watch a little bit of the NHL Center Ice stuff for their free trial.

Jagr..... is going to be scary.... He was named the Captain tonight.. one last run for old Double JJ?

My pick to win the Southeast was mud one point through the third they only had 10 shots

Blackhawks win 8-6

Looks like that Chinese dude that owns the Isles is going to be choking on his Pork Flied Lice.
As of 12:45 AM, the Isles are getting raped by the Coyotes 6-1.

Here is the Pensblog non-Penguins star of the night

Scored two goals.. 600 for his career .. I still hate him

On to tomorrow's headlines...
Post gazette stuff... Didn't Dave Molinari say Fleury was going to be sent down?

And for kicks...

Ken Hitchcock will eat even though the Flyers lose.

Goodnight and good fight


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