Saturday, October 28, 2006

I think even Jim Balsillie scored for the Pens tonight. What an explosion. Did anyone else feel bad for the Flyers tonight? Yea, me neither.

The scoring tonight started with Ryan Whitney making a mistake that I learned not to do when I was in the womb: don't clear pucks into the slot. Even with this atrocious play, that Mike Knuble shot still shouldn't have gotten past Fleury anyway, because Fleury didn't secure his short side. In years passed, I would have went and grabbed a Jack-n-Coke because I knew it was going to be a long game. However, the next six goals in this game were all scored by the Penguins. And I grabbed a drink anyway.

Four minutes after Knuble scored, Sidney Crosby started his rampage. Ryan Whitney fed Sid a nice pass on the rush that Crosby knuckled into the net. Six minutes later, the Flyers had a 4-on-3 powerplay, and it felt like they could take the lead there. But, Forsberg and Gagne decided to hump each other, springing Maxime Talbot on the most liberal breakaway in Penguins history. Talbot buries it, and that shorthanded goal ended the scoring in the first, Pens up 2-1.

The Pens got so bored during this game that they had random staring contests with each other.

The second period started with Maxime Talbot scoring another goal to make it 3-1. 18 seconds later, the Penguins score again, with Crosby jamming home a rebound in front of the net. Less than six minutes later, Crosby picks Derian Hatcher's pocket in front of the Flyers net and scores on the backhand...pretty much all in the same motion. It wasn't a flashy hat trick for Sid tonight, but a hat trick nonetheless. About five minutes after that goal, Crosby keeps a play alive in the Flyers zone that resulted in Malkin one-timing a pass into the net...using Crosby's one-knee shot. That powerplay goal ended the second period scoring, Pens up 6-1. Yea...6-1.

During the second intermission, all I could think about was getting out of Philly alive, without any players getting injured. Two minutes into the third, Stefan "Vladimir" Ruzicka scored for the Flyers to make it 6-2, but I don't think anyone cared. The P.A. announcer was pumped because he could finally do his excited voice. Later, Recchi finally got on the board for the Pens, jamming in a rebound. Five minutes after that, Dominic Moore got the goal he's been clamoring for all year, making it 8-2. And that was it.

  • Sidney Crosby: 3 G, 0 A (As I'm typing this, it puts Crosby roughly 5th in NHL points.)
  • Evgeni Malkin: 1 G, 2 A (9 points in 5 games)
  • Jordan Staal: 1 A, and doing well in all areas of the game.
  • Shots: PHI (33) PENS (30)
  • Powerplay: PHI (1 for 7) PENS (1 for 5)
  • Flyers goalie Antero Nittymaki started the game, but gave up 4 goals on 2 shots. It's not even possible.
  • Maxime Talbot with two goals tonight. One year older, one year better.
  • Early in the first period, why didn't Armstrong shoot that puck? Instead, he gives Crosby an awkward pass. Come on Colby. It's just a matter of time, though.
  • How bout Thorburn standing up for Gonchar by taking on Derian Hatcher. Chris Thorburn sounds like the name of an NFL special teams specialist. But I like having him on that fourth line.
  • And what's with Derian Hatcher? He gets jobbed by Crosby earlier in the game, and has to take a meaningless shot at Jordan Staal at the end of the game?
  • Gonchar's hit on Gagne looked painful. It was the Jon Lovitz Subway Sammich of the Game...and rightfully so.
  • Anyone else notice that saucer pass that Malkin fed to Crosby in the third period? It was cross ice, chest-high, and landed right on Crosby's tape. Sick.
  • The Flyers performed a forward lateral in the first period, where one guy basically threw it to another guy who caught it...and no whistle blew. Shocking.
Things We Learned Tonight
  • Sidney Crosby has Levi Strauss make him customized jeans, because his legs are so masculine and sweaty.
  • Steigerwald mistook Armstrong for Crosby...twice. Bob Errey was stunned.
  • How awesome was it seeing Flyers fans just sitting there with their heads in their hands.
  • Gonchar's stick got stuck in the boards on the Gagne hit. Bob Errey started to compare it to a tree on a highway or some crap, but then he just sorta trailed off because he knew it was going nowhere. Any one of us couldn't do a perfect broadcast either, but it's just funny.
  • If you wake up early, and get home late, you're a Ford Truck kind of guy. Not really, you just work long hours. Toby Keith has never been to a construction site in his life, but we gotta buy Ford Trucks because he's tough and flosses his teeth with barbed wire. You've got talent as a musician, but you are a terd when it comes to Ford Commercials, Toby. Stick to singing about the Taliban. Pensblog, out.
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Derek said...

This game was a unreal. Good start to a road trip.

ghost of randy cunneyworth said...

when the pens are good, they are like a drug.

whata game. perfect re-cap.

dennis said...

Nice job by the Pens to not give up after trailing for the west coast trip of possible doom.

Anonymous said...

u didnt put it in there, but how about welch going down 2 his knees like a goalie when fleury was out of position.

rebecca said...

"The Pens got so bored during this game that they had random staring contests with each other."


dennis said...

Yeah I thought that caption was great


PittCheMBA said...

I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work. I have seen you mention the one-knee shot that Crosby and Malkin have both done. Does the one-knee shot give more power and balance to the shot? Thanks

Adam said...

I really like how they're not giving up like they have before. They got into that rhythm where they would just go "uh oh, here it comes again."

As far as hockey techniques, I'm not an expert and I haven't seen too many players do that knee shot. But, I think it just gives them extra leverage to either shoot up high or to pinpoint their accuracy...or to look cool.

loralei said...

Living oh, so far away from home, I have to view my Pens via Center Ice. One of the beautiful things about Center ice is that the Center Ice people arent quite sure what to do when home city goes to commerical. Sometimes, while all of you are at home watching the latest UPMC commercial, I am still seeing whatever the camera is focused on and hearing whatever Steigy & Bobby are saying in the booth such as last night where i watched a girl in her Jeremy Roenick Flyers jersey grope her Penguin jersey clad boyfriend for like 5 minutes. Another time, I was privy to the conversation between Bob Errey and who ever the stat guy is while they pondered whether or not that was Sid's first hat trick. My favorate, however was during one commecial break when Steigy declared with gusto that young Jordan Staal, was "such a stud." Being a girl, I do not disagree, but I cant help but think that Bob Errey was giving him the eye like Steigy might have been a Catholic priest in a former life. Great game. Great post guys. I'll keep you posted of any other fun nuggets.

dennis said...

Haha wow thats pretty funny.

And reguarding players going down to one knee, it makes it much easier to put a shot up top. I also know that when I used to play I would sometimes do it if I felt a pass was going to miss the stick (either a knuckling pass or just not on target) so I'd be able to get my body infront of it and possibly still get a shot out of it.

I had to listen to the 1st period on the radio while driving home from a party and Mike Lange said it hit hit Sid's skate and went it, probably thanks to the fact he was on one knee.

Adam said...

Wow, haha the Center ice thing is hilarious. My dad has Center Ice out in the country. I might have to watch a Pens game on it.
Steigy has definitely exhibited some homosexual undertones.

I had a feeling the one-knee shot had something to do with leverage.
I listened to Mike Lange for the first 5 minutes of the third, and it is night and day between him and Steigy.

Thanks for the compliments, everyone

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