Thursday, October 5, 2006

Call Arnold Slick and bang his wife. The Pens kicked off the 06-07 season with a sparkling performance. So many things to touch upon from tonight's game, and rightfully so.

Marc-Andre Fleury stole the show tonight as the Pens shut out the Flyers 4-0 at the Mellon Arena. His defense was clearing sightlines for him and the Pens, as a whole, were very impressive. The parts that Jarrko Ruutu and Domin(ate)ic Moore played in this game were things that the Pens have been missing.

Pensblog Headquarters erupted when Michel Oullet flicked his wrist 7 minutes into the game. Three minutes later, the same line scored again as Jarrko Ruutu scored on a rebound. All of a sudden, bang. 2-0. We've seen this movie before, though, so we kept our cool, thinking these were the same old Penguins.

We were dead wrong.

Two minutes into the second, Crosby continued his chase for Gretzky's records as he was fed a delicious pass from Nils Ekman, broke into the zone and beat Robert Esche on the shortside. With about two minutes left in the second, Josef "Bobby Orr" Melichar took a pass from Crosby and beat Esche. 4-0.

"Goalie controversy my ass"

The third period consisted of the Penguins running out the clock, as it were. Five minutes into the third, we realized we were looking at a shut-out. We were having heart palpitations everytime a Flyer shot it from the point, but Fleury stood tough and got the shutout.

  • Sidney Crosby: 1 G, 1 A
  • Michel Oullet: 1 G, 1 A
  • Jarrko Ruutu: 1 G, 1 A
  • Marc-Andre Fleury: 40 saves
  • Shots: PHI (40) PENS (21)
  • PP: PHI (0 for 10) PENS (0 for 4)
  • Wonderboy Kris Letang looked like Hans Jonsson out there (not good)
  • Jordan Staal looks like he'll dominate in the AHL this year
  • Colby Armstrong's fight in the second period was glorious. He had the crowd pumped.
  • Jarrko Ruutu is already a fan favorite
  • Dominic Moore looks like the best acquisition of the Ray Shero era. What a hockey player.
  • The crowd chants were awesome.
Things We Learned Tonight
  • Penguins have not heeded our advice on the Phil Bourque situation
  • FSN has given Steigerwald and Errey the Monday Night Football treatment
  • Steigerwald: "Ruutu is playing out of his mind tonight."
  • Jim Balsillie in the booth was awesome. Even when he said "Holy Shit". I hope you caught that. It was after Errey was telling him that he was from Peterborough.
Here's what FlyersFanCentral Blog is saying

PENS Next Game
Saturday - 10.07
vs. Detroit Red Wings


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