Wednesday, October 25, 2006

From Pensblog With Love

Before we get to the NHL recap, I found this when browsing on Facebook:

Thankfully, someone out there can make Malkin movie posters that are better than our pathetic ones.

On ESPN tonight, Barry Melrose was praising the Penguins, saying that having Crosby and Malkin as #1 and #2 centers has the makings of an NHL powerhouse. I then proceeded to look up 'obvious' in my Webster's Dictionary.
Bob Pompeani and Bob Smizik also talked about the Pens on the Nightly Sports Call.
"Pomp" sounded off, saying that Jordan Staal needs to stay with the team.
This is the first time the Pensblog has accepted anything Bob Pompeani has ever said.

Special thanks to Mondesi's House and for linking to us on Wednesday.

...And now, onto some NHL scores...

The Rangers were the only Atlantic Division team in action tonight, and they lost 4-2 to the Panthers. I think Stumpel for Florida scored a goal by batting the puck in from mid-air.

...The Wild improve to 8-1 with a victory over LA...

...Carolina beat Atlanta in OT tonight (5-4) in a nice little Southeast showdown...

....Washington rolled over the Avs... the ageless Joe Sakic recorded his 1,500th NHL point...but some somber news for all of hockey as AO got nailed by a puck and had to be helped off the ice with an apparent leg injury. The Hockey Gods don't like Russians this year.

...How good are the Canucks right now? They shutout the Blackhawks 5-0. Roberto Luongo is stellar, and the change of teams has helped him better than anyone thought.
The Northwest division is the most under-appreciated division in hockey.

And Finally
...Anaheim is leading Edmonton 4-2 at the end of the second period in the Pronger Bowl. I am listening to it, and it sounds like a fun game to be at.

And that's it.


Tyler said...

Hey Adam,
I added you to the blogroll over at I'd be honored if you could do the same.
Keep having the posts!

dennis said...

The Buffaslugs go for 10-0 tonight...

dennis said...

Also, the Pens (along with the most of the NHL) will likely be getting new jerseys next season. You see, the NHL is will using a new Reebok template based off of this season's All-Star unis.

As you can see, they both have some weird lines and curves under the arms and it's likely that the Pens (like other NHL teams) are going to have the same weird stuff going down next year.

Basically, that's whats keeping me from buying a Malkin jersey because next season it could end up being an "old style".

chris said...

haha...nice toupee

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