Friday, October 27, 2006

The Flags of our NHL

...We figured that since we have some pretty good graphic designers on the Pensblog staff, we could have a little fun with our logo. Pensblog's Chris made this autumn one.
If you would like to see us do a certain theme in the logo, let us know...

Some links, and then the games:

...Post-Gazette reports on chance meeting of Balsillie and Onorato...

...Mark Cuban wishing he bought the Pens...

...Try to check out the Staal story in Sports Illustrated this week...

...Another Should Staal stay or go article, this one isn't too bad, though, on

Now to the games...

Buffalo is unbeatable. I am now convinced. But let's face it, the Isles suck. Still the Sabres are the first NHL team since the '93 Maple Leafs (Maple Leaves?) to go 10-0.

"Hey, Fred."

Philly got the John Stevens (most boring name in the NHL) era off to the right start. They beat Hot-Lanta 3-2 in a Shootout. The Moose was in net for the Thrashers.

How about this junk from Boston.... I guess after Montreal scored the go-ahead goal, Bruins fans littered the ice with trash.


COME ON. I thought Boston had great sports fans. That's piss poor. The Pens sucked for 4 years straight. Did we ever throw anything on to the ice? During those four years, we didn't even get to throw hats on the ice, cause there were no hat tricks. Come on Boston, get a life.

I guess the refs were horrible tonight. Look at what Kovy said:

"As you saw, the refs screwed up the whole game, and then they tried to fix it at the end. I wish, if they were going to decide to have a bad game, they would be bad for both teams," said Kovalev, who complained that opponents have tried to take out his knees in three straight games. "I have to protect myself."

Big fine coming up there... This isn't the first time Boston fans have done this, they did it after a Yankees-Red Sox game one time. Just embarrassing. I hope the curse of Joe Thornton haunts them for 86 years.

The Devils are back in first after shutting out Florida... Brodeur still sees Malkin in his sleep though.

The Sens smoked the Leafs (Leaves?) for the second night in a row... A lot of fallout from the Darcy Tucker beat down of Pat Eaves from the other night in this game.

Martin St. Louis scored a Hat Trick in a 6 minute span to rock (it like a) the Hurricanes, who play every night now, I am sure.

Preds squeak by the sharks.. is anyone else really excited for the Pens/ Sharks game?

Jason Arnott gave us an scouting report:

''You have to play loose against San Jose and play zone hockey,'' Nashville's Jason Arnott said. ''You can't force anything on them. We tried to keep them in their zone as much as possible and cycle the puck.''

Thanks Jason. Be sure to write that one down..... idiot.

Big Wayne got the 6-2 win over the Oilers, no recap available, but I am sure it wasn't a good game.

Special thanks to commenter Dennis for the Barney Rubble pic.


Anonymous said...

How about a graphic of the penguin crushing a flyer?

Shorty said...

Ya SJ and Pitt will be awesome, damn i hate 10oclock games though! But i can't wait to play LA b/c it will pit the best rookies (so far at least) against each other in Malkin and Kopitar (who had about 6gms to pad a pt lead which is dwindling every game)

mondesishouse said...

You guys do some pretty sweet photoshop work. That Fantastic Four picture I posted the other day is just begging for a Pensblog treatment!

Adam said...

I'm gonna like that LA game, too. I watched Anze Kopitar one night, and you know when he's on the ice.

As far as that fantastic four poster...
"I'm right on top of that, Rose."

Adam said...

I just drew a quick concept drawing of a penguin peeing on the flyer logo.

like those ones everyone has seen with that 'bad child' peeing on a chevy logo or whatever.

dennis said...

Its hard for us east coasters to know much about any great west coast players so I'm really gonna watch this kid.

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