Saturday, October 7, 2006

ESPN Game Recap

Wow. The second period of this game was the most boring twenty minutes of my 2006 calendar year. We went student rush and got seats in section B2...twenty rows from the ice. We had the privilege of seeing both of Detroit's goals close up.

First off, besides the jobber seats in section E, the Mellon was PACKED for tonight. I almost forget what playoff hockey feels like, but the arena had that certain feel to it tonight. A good number of Red Wings fans, as always.

Johan Franzen scored for the Red Wings six minutes into the game on the rebound of a shot that I thought Fleury had caught, but nah. Garbage goal and it was 1-0. (The Red Wings don't have a player named Hans, so there goes that joke.)

I think we had two powerplays in the first period and we managed negative one (-1) shots on goal. I don't think that is even possible, but we managed to do it.

"Excuse me for a second as I make the easiest save of my life."

The second period came and went. Watching my cat sleep would be more entertaining than that second period. One shot on goal for the Pens, and Ekman hit the crossbar.

Third period started and we were all pumped again. We got a powerplay and it just felt like we were gonna score, but nah. Time was slowly ticking down and the Pens continued to crap on themselves as they tried to advance into the Red Wings zone.
With about 1:30 left, Kris Draper got the puck from a skirmish on the boards and wristed it past Fleury and that was it.

  • Crosby: 1 Shot
  • Shots: DET (26) PENS (13)
  • PP: DET (0 for 2) PENS (0 for 4)
  • Fleury: 24 saves. Solid performance. Our lone bright spot tonight.
  • Some Japanese-American painted his upperbody black and was dancing during TV timeouts. The first time he was on, people cheered. The second time, he was given a Derian Hatcher-esque boo.
  • Donnie Iris sang the national anthem. Derek was actually behind him in line at one of the concession stands. More on that later.
  • I got a $10 gift card for Get-Go from one of those envelopes that the Pens' zeppelin drops.
  • Bobby Orr Melichar almost tied the game for the Pens in the third.
Things We Learned Tonight
  • Ryan Whitney might not be an ideal fit for the team...meaning he is not too good. He wasn't stellar in the Flyers game, either. He was the root of many fans' groans tonight.
  • Kris Letang is nervous as hell but he's not terrible.
  • Fleury will keep the Penguins in games this year.
  • Dominic Moore is a machine.

@ NY RANGERS - 7:00
Thursday, 10.12


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