Sunday, October 15, 2006

Looking around at the other teams in the Atlantic division will be a new weekly feature here at Pensblog...and being that we play two division foes this week, it will be nice for everyone to get re-acquainted with old enemies.

The Islanders
The Isles started off on a west coast swing that landed them on a three game skid.
But after beating the Ducks in a shootout, the Isles debuted against the Bruins at home,
and pulled out a 4-1 win. Terrible uniforms for the Isles. 14,734 people showed up for the game.
Mike Sillinger is a good player, and Jason Blake is on fire early on. Mike Dunham was steady playing for Mr. Islander Rick DiPietro, who had a groin pull.
By the way, is there a worse place to watch a game than the Nassau Coliseum? It has the feeling of a inspired Bingo Hall. And it always seems dark.

Go Isles!...yay...wooo... screw it

The Rangers
Not to much to be familiar with here, the Rangers defense is awful
. And they got torched by the Sabres.
Great uniforms by the Sabres, please bring them back.
According to Newsday, the Rangers are expecting Darius Kasparaitis back to the lineup against the Devils tomorrow night.
They have given up 17 goals in the last three games.
Looks like Jagr is getting mad:
"It's not one mistake, it's everything," Jaromir Jagr said. "It's the whole defense, starting everywhere."
At least he hasn't brought out the dying alive quote yet.
We really need to get back to the playoffs.

The Flyers
Bad times in Philly land right now, tough loss to the much hated Devils Saturday night in a psychical game.
Look at this stat:
"Since the start of the 1990-91 season, the Flyer's are a grim 8-29-5-1 during the regular season in the building off Exit 16W of the New Jersey Turnpike"
Antero Niittymaki seems to be the goalie to go to now, he has started 4 straight games.
The Flyers better hope Peter Foresberg or Mike Knuble don't get hurt. 12 points between them and they are the only two players who aren't minus. Basically they are like Toejam and Earl right now:

one of the most underrated video game duos of all time.

The Devils
The Devils are not screwing around this year. Brian Gionta no question could score 50 goals. But Marty Brodeur hasn't been his normal lights-out self. Nonetheless, the Devils are still sitting atop the Atlantic tonight.
Since I already linked the Flyer's game... how about this wild game the Devils had with the Leafs
Gionta with the natural hat trick to win it. If you watched the highlight,
listen to the devils fans boo Brodeur... great game though.

Big week ahead...
Good night, and keep grinding


Anonymous said...

move the devils to waterloo, those fans deserve it.....we appreciate our penguins here.....crap!

Anonymous said...

oh my god. i f'in love toe jam and earl. funkatron baby!

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