Sunday, October 22, 2006

Great week of hockey in the Atlantic, and tons of huge stories.
The New Jersey Devils are atop the standings so we begin our Journey there...

The Devils are 4-3-1. They have recorded 9 points.
Brian Gionta is money. He has 12 points to lead the team.
But what is going on with Mr. Brodeur? He has not been his normal lights out self. From getting booed at home, and then getting shelled in Ottawa, Marty is a mess this year.
Looking at the goalie rankings
Brodeur is 27th in the league. He is giving up 3.2 goals a game, and his save percentage is a muddy .895... which sucks.
Powerplay: 15.2% (19th in NHL)
Penalty Kill: 79.3% (21st)


The Rangers are tied with Pittsburgh and the Islanders for second-place with 8 points (4-4-0). Michael Nylander, Jaromir Jagr and Brendan Shanahan are all hanging out near the top of the NHL points list. Stunning stat here: The Rangers and the Hurricanes have both given up 32 goals...almost the league-worst. The Rangers are also scoring goals in high quantities this year. If it wasn't for Buffalo owning Philly in that one game, the Rangers may lead the league in goals scored. Henrik Lundqvist has to be consistently solid for the Rangers to take an extra step over the rest of the Atlantic. It hasn't been happening thus far, with Lundqvist posting a .883 Save Pct. and 3.52 GAA.
PowerPlay: 19.1% (11th)

Penalty Kill: 80.0% (20th)


The Islanders have gone 3-3-2 this year, recording 8 points. The Pens played them this week and the Isles looked like a formidable team. The big story on Long Island is goalie Mike Dunham earning a point in all of his starts this season while filling in for Rick DiPietro. Alexei Yashin is sneakin around the top of the points race with 11 points.
Powerplay: 19.6% (10th)
Penalty Kill: 76.4% (28th)


Wow. What a fall from grace. 1-6-1, 3 points. The worst team in the National Hockey League. The Broadstreet Bullies have turned into a bunch of rabbit droppings, posting the most anemic numbers this side of the 05-06 Penguins.
Their leading scorer is Mike Knuble...with 7 points. (Michel Ouellet has 7 points, too). They don't have a single player on the plus-side of the plus-minus stat category. Holy hell.
The Sabres bitch-slapped them 9-1 on national televion on Monday. They lost 4-1 in Tampa Bay. They lost to Florida at home.
Powerplay: 7.3% (5 for 44) (28th in NHL) WHATTTT?
Penalty Kill: 83.7% (15th)


By the way, the Pens have the 4th best powerplay in the NHL, clickin at 25%


dennis said...

Great stat that the Rangers arent getting any defense. They'll need to win games by scores of 4-3 and not 1-0. I'd love to see us rack up a ton of goals on them some game, but thats just my strong dislike for any NY teams speaking.

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