Saturday, September 30, 2006


The Pensblog isn't even a month old and, visitor wise, it's become more popular than we thought it would be. We are gracious to our early readers, and invited our early commenters to send us some rants. Here's one from a Pens fan in Hershey, PA.

I live near Hershey (grew up near Pittsburgh) and last year, I couldn't wait for the hockey season to finally start back up. I was a Comcast Digital subscriber and to be able to watch the Pens, I bought the NHL Center Ice package. (Otherwise I would be force fed those a-hole Flyers and the world's worst homer announcers-Coatsey and Jackson. Those two are idiots, but that is another story).

The season started and it was great. I was able to watch every Pens game the first three weeks of the season. Then one day, turning to the channel the Pens game was supposed to be on, a message across the screen read "This game is Blacked out" or something to that effect. I thought, ok, maybe it wasn't sold out. I checked the paper the next day, and it was sold out. The next game day came, and sure enough, another blacked out message. I called Comcast and the high school drop out they had answering the phones couldn't tell me why the games are being blacked out. Next game, same blacked out message. Now I am pissed. I paid all that money to see the Pens and they are blacked out. I called Comcast again, but this time the guy said that because I live in an area that FSN Pittsburgh is available, the games are blacked out. Well here's the kick in the balls: Comcast refuses to carry FSN Pittsburgh. It would take viewers away from watching the goons in Philly(my opinion).

I ended up writing a letter to both Comcast Customer service and the NHL and voiced my complaint. Comcast said they were in a contract dispute with FSN Pittsburgh. Comcast refunded all of my money and allowed me to cancel the center ice package. I guess in the long run, it saved me many aggravating nights watching the Pens get blown out with Thi-bound in the net.

This year I now have DirecTV and have FSN Pittsburgh, and am looking forward to this season. I must say I am disappointed I will not be able to hear Mike Lange (unless I listen to XM while I watch the game). I think Mike Lange's voice is synonymous with the Pens. Watch the "Crosby's Goals Part One" post. His sayings are classic. I will miss listening to him. I know not everyone liked him, but to me, his voice and sayings always remind me of the glory years.

I'm sure Comcast is somehow responsible for the Pens dropping him from their telecasts.

Here's a math equation I learned in high school:


Derek said...

Great Post here. Thanks for writing man.

I believe if you go the Pens site on gameday, they will be streaming the radio broadcast. I haven't confirmed this yet, but I am nearly 99% sure.

Thanks again fr writing

Anonymous said...

FYI - the Pens broadcasts should be available this season at

Unless there is some type of NHL blackout rule for webcasts that I am not aware of, the station normally has the broadcast stream available.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I live in the Harrisburg area and still have Comcast. I went through the same thing last year. Bought the NHL Center Ice and then started seeing blackouts. Comcast refunded my money and the kid I spoke with told me that the NHL "wouldn't allow Comcast" to show Pens games in the Harrisburg area.

The blackout are still going on. The Thursday night game against Philly was on CSN. I planned on watching tonight's game on the free preview of Center Ice...but it was blacked out.

The season before the lockout was the best. Comcast was carrying FSN Pitt, Penguins games; CSN Philly, Flyers games; and CSN MidAtlantic, Caps games; plus ESPN was still showing games. What a great season. I saw more hockey that year than ever. They have since dropped FSN Pitt and CSN MidAtlantic and Versus shows a couple games a week.

Listening to hockey on the radio is the worst...

Jim F. said...

Comcast manages to screw everyone with their hockey monopoly. We get burned by them constantly having Direct TV and NHL center ice. They blackout nearly all of our Flyers games. I believe the owner of Comcast has some sort of attatchment to the Flyers. I think the owner of the Flyers, Edward M. Snider is also the Chairman if not owner of Comcast-Spectator. So he does what he likes. I think a lot of the blackouts may be breaking the law. This group Comcast-Spectator also ownes the 76'rs and the Phantoms; both Wachovia buildings and finaly Comcast Sports Net. I don't know how these money grubbers get away with screwing so many of us over. Anyone feel like fighting back? Is there anything we could do legaly?

Alan said...

I am curious if anyone knows why FSN Pittsburgh broadcasts or Pens games is blacked out for the Washington, DC area? I live in Rockville and cannot get the games.

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