Saturday, September 9, 2006

NHL 07

The long anticipated game will be in stores on Tuesday, September 12...with Alexander Ovechkin on the cover. Considering the stick-handling features in this year's edition, I think he's a pretty good choice.
I saw a video that showed the producers of the game playing it, talking about all the new features. He was using an XBOX360 in the demo. Some of the sick stuff in the game includes using the right analog to shoot, deke, pass, speed burst, hit, etc. The face buttons have become obsolete. Gary Thorne and Bill Clement will call the action ONLY on the XBOX 360. The rest of us jobbers have to suffer through another season with Jim Hughson and Craig Simpson (the video game versions of Steigerwald and Bourque). All that is missing on the 360 is the ESPN National Hockey Night theme.

Some guy on the internet mocks up covers for video games using popular suggestions. This looks sweet.


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