Saturday, September 16, 2006

NHL 07 (XBOX) Review

Wow. Chris and I played this game for an hour or two, and it left us searching a thesaurus for the word that would aptly describe the 2007 version of EA's NHL series. The word we have settled on is 'aberration'. It is probably all a part of their strategy to sell us an XBOX 360, but NHL 07 for XBOX is the most disappointing gaming experience of my life.

It felt really sluggish. The graphics are the same as last year. The player animations are the same as last year. The animations between face-offs are exactly the same. The only thing different, of course, is the team rosters.

Speaking of rosters, NHL 07 (on ALL platforms) will feature a Pittsburgh Penguins team that is, by all accounts, extremely pathetic and full of inaccuracies. Sidney Crosby is listed as a sniper, Colby is said to be a power forward and Shane Endicott (third line center!!) is listed as a playmaker. My dead uncle knows that Crosby is a playmaker and Colby is a scorer. And I guess when they say Endicott is a playmaker, they are referring to all the giveaways to the other team that lead to odd-man breaks. Oh, and the Pens fourth line center is Petr Taticek(?). I had to the guy to find out who he is.

As soon as I get time, I am returning this silly game.


chris said...

Haha....Ghost Writer!! #1 baby

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