Saturday, September 23, 2006

New Low for ESPN

Happened to be browsing the net tonight,
found this on

Look. We all know ESPN hates the NHL.
But Linda Cohn writing a hockey column?


Quick breakdown of it:

Here are the five people to watch in hockey this season according to Linda:

  • Dominick Hasek
  • Brendan Shanahan
  • Chris Pronger
  • Scott Walker
  • Ted Nolan

Take it in......


Hasek is mud. I am sure when the Pensblog brain trust gets together for a preview of the hockey season, we will go more into detail. But I can think of three goalies I am more interested in seeing:

1. Andrew Raycroft - Is there bigger pressure than being a Leafs player? Not to mention goalie?
2. Kari Lehtonen - Will he help Atlanta to the first playoff run?
3. Jose Theodore - The Avs go as far as he takes them.
Honorable mention: Roberto Luongo - Although I am already rethinking him being at number one this list. He finally gets a good team in front of him... Would anyone be surprised if he turns into the latter day Kirk McLean?

And by Penguins standards: Will MAF finally rise up?

When I think Hasek...I think this ... oh and this too

Next up.
Brendan Shanahan
I really don't even want to respond to this. Who the hell cares about him. He's old, and he isn't even the best player on the team. Rangers go as far as Jagr goes.
Plus how many young players are worth talking about???
AO, Crosby, Malkin(pre-Leclair), Phil Kessel( do not sleep on this guy)... there's so many others it makes me sick.

And while I like Chris Pronger...Whats there to watch about him? He proved all he had to last year in the playoffs.

Linda Cohn sucks.

Yes Scott Walker plays for Carolina. He's good. But of all people...Scott Walker? If she writes another column I am going on a 5 state killing spree.

And Ted Nolan. The real guy to watch is Charles Wang, the Islanders owner. Because he is nuts.

Funny story about Ted Nolan. When the Pens announced the whole casino thing. How many of you thought it would have been funny if the Pens hired Nolan as Head Coach/ Greeter. Come on you laughed.

This can still happen.

Linda Cohn should stop trying to be Carrie Bradshaw....


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