Saturday, September 23, 2006


Article 9.1 (d)
In the event that an 18 or 19 year-old player signs with a club, but does not play in 10 games in the first season, the period of the entry level system will be extended (1) year.

Above is a summary of the rule by me. You can read the whole thing because it wouldn't let me copy and paste it, because Adobe Reader is gayer then Governor Jim McGreevey .

The rule, of course, is in reference to Jordan Staal...As there seems to be growing sentiment that Staal may be making this team. And now with the latest Malkin news, it looks signed, sealed and delivered.

There are tons of things that bother me.
But right up at the top has to be programs for women. What am I talking about?

Shows like Greys Anatomy, Desperate House Wives, and of course Sex in the City.
What does this have to do with Jordan Staal you ask?
Well let me explain……..dammit let me explain!
So, I am watching one of the greatest shows of all time ER. And over on ABC, Greys Anatomy just got done with another bullcrap show.
And having to watch this lady on TV is gross.

She is one of the top ten ugLiest people on TV right now. Her face looks like an old catcher's mitt.

Lemieux, Francis, Stevens, Jagr, Kovy, Straka, and so many others.
The Pens and ER were alike. A factory of winning. ER won a Golden Globe. Another 105 wins & 229 nominations, Penguins 2 Stanely Cups. 11 straight years in the playoffs.
But then ER, like the Penguins, got tired. Forced storylines,(bad draft picks, poor development), no leader of the ER (Lemieux retires) lead to unrest.
But last year, ER, after some new casting, and the Pens with Crosby, are headed back to winning terrority.
This is were Staal comes in. Shows like Greys Atamony have copied ER success, and the public's thirst for medical dramas(shows like Chicago Hope on CBS) has grown.
But see, these shows never last. Everything happens so quickly, and you don’t have time to see the evolution of characters.

Same thing with Staal. He can be the star of the ER or he can be a flash in the pan on Greys Anatomy. At ER he would have to wait a few seasons to get his chance. At Greys Anatomy, he could star but ultimately end up getting eaten by this beast.

Don’t do it Shero, as a young Heath Ledger once told Mel Gibson in the Patriot:
Stay the course.

Please Shero. Stay the course.


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