Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Movie number 3 on the best hockey movies of all time is: Youngblood.

(As you can imagine from the title of this post, its a must see.)

(Warning: The gayness emanating from this movie poster made my computer freeze. Twice.)

I am not going to lie, folks. Rob Lowe sucks.

In Youngblood, Lowe plays Dean Youngblood , a sensitive young farm boy, who fights against the odds as he struggles to succeed in the brutal sport of ice hockey. He falls in love with the daughter of his no-nonsense coach, and is at odds with the fighting which is a necessity in the sport for him to be noticed by professional hockey scouts.

Really...if Michel Therrien has a daugther, nothing seperates this movie with Jordan Staal's fight to make the Pens team.

The cast of this movie is unreal. Included with the wildly untalented Lowe are:

Patrick Swayze, a veteran of the team who is trying to make the leap into the big time.

And Keanu Reeves, the Thunder Bay Bombers Goaltender.

Youngblood faces test, after test, after test. The first is falling in love with the coach's daughter
(he scores a goal, and she falls in love with him). Things just happen this way in Canada. Its ok.

The second is my favorite. Swayze's character gets steamrolled by this jobber named Racki.

Think Cam Neely getting hit by Ulf. Forward to 2:28 of this video to see Ulfie smoke Neely.

(Cam Neely's cameo performance in Dumb & Dumber rivals Lowe's performance in this movie.)

Like a chicken, Youngblood is stunned by his mentor getting lit up like a white guy walking through Homewood.

Youngblood retreats to his family farm, where he learns to fight, and comes back and owns Racki in the ending fight.

All and all this movie is good times....But watching more than once could cause you to want to contemplate killing yourself...

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