Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jerseyblog Payment Info

updated 09/19/08




fleuryous said...

AH, so excited for jerseys.

sh0ez said...


I hate my life.

fleuryous said...

Also, are these jerseys sized the same way that the official Penguins jerseys are? That will makes things a little easier and such.

Thank you!

Pens_MINI66 said...

Is there a fight strap?

jefe mays said...

mini66 -read the previous jersey post. strap is $10 extra.

oh and i decided to skip this jersey and buy a couple coyotes jerseys. owwhowwwllllllll!

curtO. said...

PayPal sent in FULL.

coffeytalk said...

done and done.

Anthony said...

Going to have to pass on tPB jerseys in favor of a PS3 or Xbox360.

But I really want a #11 with The Gronk on the back.

Maria said...

I love today's countdown poster.

sh0ez said...

This is random. But to continue the Palin discussion, here are her kids' names:

Trig Paxson Van Palin


Maria said...

Yeah sh0ez I saw that. Baby Trig? Was her husband a math major or something?

sh0ez said...

I thought Trig was enough, but Trig Paxson Van Palin? What is this, the 1800's? Those names existed around the time McCain was born.

And Track? And Bristol? She a closet Nascar fan up there in AK?

Russ Tundra said...

Is the Pens Blog getting them off of IceJerseys??? If that's the case its gonna take longer than 4 weeks. I got a personalized "Free Candy" Jersey and it still hasn't shipped yet. and that was a month and a half ago. I'm Royally Pissed!

shawnawwwesome said...

I have a very serious question about customization options:

Can the name be more than 12 letters, and can the number include symbols or punctuation?

J.S. said...

weren't Willow and Piper two characters from that show that Alyssa Milano was on?

Dan said...

ah balls i should be at the pitt game. fuckers.

Pens_MINI66 said...

Yes i know in the other post there was a fight strap for $10, but there is no where to mark it. That's why I am asking.

bluzdude said...

The FAQ in today's post says no symbols or punctuation.

Russ Tundra said...

Arguing politics on the PensBlog is like asking what color vibrator does Richard Simmons like to use... or something like that...

It just doesn't fit.

no pun attended..

Richard Simmons said...

Hey Russ Tundra that comparison made no sense at all.

I use Big... Black... Vibrating... Chairs!!!

Where is Charlie?? I have been calling his cell phone for the last week and he hasn't picked up. I hope he doesn't go get a colonic without me. :-(

akus said...


ALL i need is ONE finger to check the freaking SIZE.....not the whole fist.
It took 20 minutes after filling out the form to get one finger just for the size.

Hey Adobe Reade

( Dick will be proud)

Evelyn Woods > Adobe Reader.

( i aint stealing it shawnawwwesome)

& You got the bite, i knew it wouldn't be long.


On a serious note,
Gustav ain't looking to good.
Scary shit.


Bet 10 PESO(s)S Richard Simmons makes a PB appearance to tell us what color vibe he uses.

akus said...

Leaves the jar at the door to collect all my Pesooooooooooooooooo's.


YEsssssssssssssss finally the form and the money is DONE!!!

Thank You Richard, is it ok if i call you, Dick?

Hip said...

Stoosh - put that shit up on the All Aboard the USS Hal Gill facebook page. We need to be very proactive there for the new season.

I'm wearing my Gill tee today just because.


akus said...

I posted this late, in between the Chad "Call me 85" and the jerseyblog.

It is from the Pens boards.

Ok time to go hop curbs.

I got my tPB Masthead shirt on. long sleeves and all, it just felt like the thing to wear today!!
Go Pitt.

Richard Simmons said...

I would love the board the U.S.S. Hal Gill. hehe

Russ Tundra said...

Hey Guys! and Gals has anyone made a PensBlog Team for the Xbox 360 yet??

Dan said...

can pensblog please take up jobbing kirk herbstreit? i hate that fucker.

Kicksave said...

I'm contemplating a #66 Buries It jersey.

Pensblog Staff said...

new order form will be uploaded sometime today with the fight strap option back in. my bad... it was late :)

Updating the post to reflect the number/letter question


J.S. said...

yep, that's our kicker

and Kentucky scores on FLA. Not that I'm a big fan of college ball, but I can't stand FLA.

J.S. said...

herbstreit is a joke

His tOSU homerism is untolerable.

Dan said...

"my name is kirk herbstreit and my daddy owns a hardware store"

that was a sign when gameday was in pittsburgh. i was on national tv for 2 hours and didn't embarrass my mom. she was shocked. what a great day that was, until we shit the bed against notre dame.

akus said...

Buries It...

Top 10 goals - 6:30 EST today and 12:30 pm Sunday.

TheNWChica said...

Hey sure to get a #88, m'kay? lol

Juice said...

woooo money shipped
can't wait

Katie said...

Just finished completing my jersey order. Thanks so much for pulling this together guys! You guys ROCK!

Happy Labor Day!

jefe mays said...

@nwchica- i wouldnt mind having a mueller jersey, but i think if i wore #88 for anyone i might start getting headaches..

why cant jerseys be free, u know, like music and movies..

Anthony said...

Looks like bad news from Pitt U on ESPN atm. Being from NJ and being a Rutgers fan, I approve of this. :]

Russ Tundra said...

Being from Pitt and being a long time Pitt fan. Whan are we going to get rid of this joke of a coach Wandstat ? I mean he drove not 1 but 2 NFL Franchises into the ground and they still can't recover.

J.S. said...

It's only a matter of time before they fire "Bernie" Wannstedt. If he makes it past week five, I'll be surprised.

Maria said...

Knny the COtton Candy Heeeeeeeeere man was ath the PItt/Bowling Green game @ Heinz Field today selling overpricesd water to peiple about to have heat strokes. He's looing good. Can't waut to buy cotton candy from him in the iglooo.

J.S. said...

So is it safe to say that Kenny is in the best shape of his life?

fleuryous said...

No doubt he must complete his cardiovascular exercise fulfillment walking 'round, and strength training, lifting the cotton candy and water bottles.

I'd have to say he's a beast.

Speaking of cotton candy, I just tried Bubblicious's Cotton Candy gum this summer, and Holy Satan it's ridiculous.


KaylaJ said...

re palin's kids names: trig is a norse name, paxson is a place in alaska and van palin is a play on van halen, and no, i'm not lying about any of that sad to say. willow & bristol bay are also places in alaska (though i like the nascar ref better).

no idea about track or piper, though considering they're in alaska they probably have had plenty of time in a piper plane. and yes, that's all the politics i know

and i still like the jersey but still can't get it. car payments will be done in january and as i said before its too close to let it get repossessed

finally, bring it on gustav!

mmmk1989 said...


the pens are up agaisnt the oilers for the center ice logo contest over at icethitics.

could the staff post a link in the next post?

id be nice to win one of these for once

jimmypop6996 said...

21 Days til Ryan Malone experiences the visitor's locker room.

fleuryous said...

Oh, Dude...never thought of it that way.


I Have Kasparaitis said...

Track is the child's name because they love to run ... I'm not kidding.

The mentioning of Ryan like that *frowns*

I miss you, Bugsy!!! Come back! *begins to sob*

Man, this offseason would have been so much better for me if Bugsy would've stayed. All the off-season pick-ups were great but sadly his departure shadows it a bit for me ... *frowns*

fleuryous said...

My mom and I were talking about it over lunch, actually...Bugsy, I mean. We're both really bummed about it.

We have a new "Pittsburgh boy," though. Bill Thomas. My brother and him were actually friends. They got in trouble a lot together. haha

We'll see how that pans out...

but I will miss Bugs.

shawnawwwesome said...

Man up, everybody. Malone made his choice.

In fact, when Malone hits the ice at Mellon in that TB uniform for the first time, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if he isn't taunted and booed until my throat is sore.

KaylaJ said...

i miss thomas down here, nothing spectacular, but def puts it all on the ice

J.S. said...

I'm not sure if Bugsy made the choice. Benedict Hossa gave all the signs that he "enjoyed it here" and wanted to "play for a cup contender". I think at the end of the day, it was a choice between Benedict and Bugsy. We chose Benedict, and he ended up going to the team he couldn't beat. Whatev.

Oh well, things happen. There's decisions that you later regret, and putting Judas Iscahossa over Malone may be one of them. Although with both of them leaving, it did allow The Core© to be signed for the next 5 years.

shawnawwwesome said...

Whatev, indeed. I'm not stamping TRAITOR on Malone's picture either. I really just needed an excuse to pull up a Homer quote.

Hell, I was on the Jagr Reinstatement Committee earlier this offseason. No grudges here, even in those cases they might be due.

KaylaJ said...

homer quotes are always accepted, i mean springfield guy homer, not blind poet homer.

Stoosh said...

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who offered comments about how much they liked the Hal Gill countdown motivator.

Happy to make you laugh, and hopefully these things are helping you get through the home stretch of the offseason as much as they are with me. A little more than two weeks until the boys are back in town to report to camp.

Rage said...

I hated Malone leaving as bad as Ruutuuuuuu....but no way he stays for less than 4 mil/yr and honestly? No. Metastasis or whatev @5mil/yr? No. I'm no GM, but

Just sayin'

Rage said... do excellent work, for what it's worth

fleuryous said...

Stoosh, what is your jersey going to saaaaaaaay?

I am curious. haha

Hip said...

I want a jersey. Does someone want to sponsor me? I'll give you free medical care!

Stoosh said...

@ Fleuryous -

I'm still thinking about what I want to put. I'm thinking about just going with "Stoosh", but I'm not sure.

I still have to make sure I can swing this financially as well. I think I'm good to go, but I want to make sure.

Stoosh said...

@ Fleuryous -

I was also thinking about putting "COMMIT" on the nameplate. That might result in a lot of people asking me who the hell "COMMIT" is, and then I can explain to them about the website. At that point they'll either look at me as if I'm on a steady diet of qualudes, Grape Nuts and smack (a look I'm already fairly accustomed to), or they'll check out the site when they get home. Either way, it's good.

akus said...

Wow, Gustav is a Category 4.

Mandatory evacuations in New Orleans.

Category 4 has winds of 131 to 155 mph and can cause extreme damage.


Stoosh COMMIT,

I got DICK n my nameplate! HA!

akus said...

Ears perk at `ludes...

My hippy dippy days.

fleuryous said...

Yeah, well I'm all about the Grape Nuts. haha

It'll be a plug, Stoosh.



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